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Versalino Inventors Kit Nerdly Version Quickstart

About the Versalino Inventors Kit Nerdly Version The perfect starter kit for you, or a friend! The Versalino Inventors Kit is the first Versalino kit that is truly designed for anyone who is interested in learning about electronics, and knows what a computer is. We have received a ton of feedback over the last couple […]

Versalino Nano Quickstart

About the Versalino Nano Get your Versalino Nano today The Versalino Nano is designed as a follow on to the Versalino Uno (the first of our line of Prototype to Production platforms). It takes all the stuff you loved about the Versalino Uno, and adds some awesome features that you all requested. The first big […]

Versalino Uno Quickstart

About the Versalino Uno Get your Versalino Uno today This is where it all began, the Versalino Uno is our premiere Prototype to Production platform, but what does that really mean? What that means is the Versalino is a system that has been developed to not only make it easy to learn and experiment with […]